Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 Wi-Fi v.s. 3G/UMTS – A Comparison

The Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 provides access to clouds and internet in public locations. Two major internet connectivity options are:

  1. Public/local Wi-Fi available in the venue
  2. 3G/UMTS through SIM card

During one lunch I was at Hayal Kahvesi with friends:


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Being in need of updating some files on Dropbox, I had the UH572 UltrabookTM with me.

After getting the Wi-Fi hotspot password from the waiter, I could connect to Dropbox. When I felt that the connection was not that good, I had this idea of a test.

I decided to compare the connectivity performance of both options using


Wi-Fi Internet Connection Test

Hayal Kahvesi is providing a good network connectivity service where at the time, I was one of the two users – so bandwith was available. After the test below are the results:

  • Test server responds to pings in 56ms
  • Download speed: 4.7 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 0.64 Mbps

The download speed is quite good (given the general standards in Wi-Fi service around Ankara), but the upload speed is awful and that is a general problem with ISPs. Actually that slow upload is a problem especially if one needs to do video chat/conferencing.

3G/UMTS Internet Connection Test

The SIM card I have installed is from one of the major cellular networks in Turkey where that specific service provider is not known to provide the fastest 3G connection. Test results are:

  • Test server responds to pings in 63ms (slower than Wi-Fi)
  • Download speed: 5.48 Mbps (16.6% faster than Wi-Fi)
  • Upload speed: 2.57 Mbps (301.6% !!!! times faster than Wi-Fi)


It is probably not right to compare the service providers in this test or the connection technologies as they are kind of apples and oranges, but this example tells me that having a 3G/UMTS SIM slow available with a laptop computer is crucial not only for being able to connect, but also for higher performance options.


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