How to Replace the Background Image of a WordPress Theme

For the wordpress theme you are using on your blog, you might like to change the background image. Some themes support that directly and some don’t. But you still have a chance.

For the Dark Smoke 1.8.1 theme, there is a 938×378 jpeg file at


You can simply pull that file to modify it with your favourite image editing tool. Or you can just create your own 938×378 jpeg file.

As an example, your blog looks like below:

where the headline.jpg file looks:

Let’s edit it (I’ve done it using GIMP) and change the color to my favourite violet:

After you upload the new headline.jpg to replace the one on the wordpress site (using FTP or whatever means), your blog would look as below:

The same / similar method can be applied to almost any wordpress template. Keep in mind:

  1. Find the exact URL of the image you want to replace
  2. Determine the dimensions and size of the image (and type for sure)
  3. Prepare your own image
  4. Upload your image with the same original name overwriting (backup recommended) the original file.
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